Girl with bananas. More portraits of this girl on my website: 

Taken in Iquitos,Peru 

I have been taking at least one photo with my phone every day for a year! Here’s a collection of some of them - it’s so lovely to look back. 

I am using an iPhone app Project 365 for this, they also have a web application for storing these photos - I love it and I am going to keep going for another year! And then maybe another year after that… 

For the next few weeks I am working on a new project with kids (more details about it coming soon!). This photo is from one of the sessions I did this week, but it won’t be used for the project (so I’ll share it!). Thank you Mya for being in front of my camera! 

Today’s goals: finish business plan, don’t worry about cashflow, edit a session, walk a dog, watch a film and CLEAN the ROOM. I’m not asking much :) 

Unforgettable memories. Sleeping in the jungle, getting stuck on the cliff of Andes, eating strange looking fish for breakfast etc…

Amazing weather! Perfect for a little road trip to Dunmore East and an ice cream

Dunmore East #ireland #iphoneography #iphone5s #dunmoreeast